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Kathmandu International Study Center, Dhobighat, Kathmandu

A little about KISC

When a few parents got together in the early 80s to discuss their children's high school education, they would never have imagined the flourishing KISC of today. Alan McIlhenny who was working in Nepal teaching maths in Pokhara was given the challenge of establishing a study centre that meant parents of high school children would no longer have to leave the mission field prematurely or send their children to boarding school. He researched the concept and wrote a PHD at the university of Surrey before returning to Nepal to establish KISC in 1987.

Their early vision was entrusted to God and from those humble beginnings; the ministry of KISC has been mightily blessed. Today our secondary and primary schools serve culturally diverse international students mainly from the mission community while our EQUIP Program serves teachers and schools across Nepal. In each area, we seek quality education for all while discovering and nurturing the gifts and abilities of individuals.

At our core we are a community working to transform lives and enable students and teachers to positively impact our world.

A word from the CEO

Welcome to the KISC website. KISC is an amazing place to work and send your children.

We are seeking people who are willing to be personally transformed so that as a community we can achieve social transformation. There is an atmosphere of love and learning. We aim to model a society of justice, peace, respect, love, truth, wisdom and righteousness. This model we pray will be adopted in Nepal and in the 30 countries that KISC staff and students represent.

The staff and students work hard to see the KISC mission, vision and values realised.

Please feel free to contact us or come and visit us to find out more.

Judith Ellis, CEO

Mission Vision and Values

Our Vision

"To be living witnesses of Christ's love through excellent education for all"

Our Mission Statement

"To provide an international, quality education, based on the sovereignty of Christ and Christian values, primarily for students of the mission community, and to provide training for teachers, in order to equip students and teachers to positively impact their world"

Our Values
  • Love, care and respect for self and others
  • Sense of family and community
  • Service and servanthood
  • Relationship and communication
  • Unity and harmony
  • Compassion and forgiveness
  • Grace and humility
  • Honesty, integrity and trust
  • Flexibility

KISC Facilities

The KISC campus is located in Dhobighat, Lalitpur, Kathmandu. It consists of three main buildings, along with a number of minor ones, the latter housing EQUIP (Education Quality Improvement Programmes), the Reception, the Senior Common Room plus the Boys and Girls Changing Rooms.

The main building contains almost all of the classrooms, with generally one classroom for every subject taught at KISC. The administration wing contains offices for the Principals and Administrative staff, a staff lounge and a workroom. The Hall is a separate building used for assemblies, productions and sports.

The school has a main IT lab with enough computers for each pupil to work individually for every lesson. There are several other labs where pupils can access computers outside of Information and Communication Technology lessons. Pupils will also have access to other peripherals (such as scanners and printers) necessary for their coursework. A digital camera and video camera are also available to add images from field trips and to PowerPoint presentations and other projects. Each department is currently in the process of building up its collection of interactive media and DVDs for students and staff to use.

The campus is well-maintained by our own ancillary staff, with gardeners, maintenance men, carpenters, a driver and cleaners all working with us to keep KISC a pleasant, efficient place to work and study. Security is provided twenty-four hours a day by our day and night chowkidars.

KISC Library

The KISC library is fully automated with a user-friendly computer catalogue (OPAC) installed on the computers. This allows students and staff easy access to the school network, to the internet and to the database which contains the details of all the resources housed in the library. The library database, which is called Oliver, has a junior and a senior version and a book wizard to help students find books to suit their own interest and reading level.

The Library helps meet the recreational & research needs of our students and staff through its collection of Reference, Non-fiction texts, fiction books. magazines, and DVDs. Fiction books for older readers (15+) are located in the separate Senior Fiction Section. There is also a Teacher/Parent collection. Internet access is available on the computers for individual or small groups.

Students in Grade 6 and 7 have Library Skills lessons twice a week, where information literacy skills are developed. The processes of defining, selecting, organizing, presenting and evaluating information are taught in a sequential and developmental way.

Our goal is to provide for the teaching and learning needs of KISC; to maintain a collection of resources that meets those needs, to develop information literacy skills and to encourage the love of reading for recreational and research purposes, so that our students will become discerning, independent learners. Outside users can apply for library membership. They will be charged a fee for this service.

KISC Admissions

An effective admissions policy is essential to support KISC's mission, vision, values and philosophy.

  • To be able to implement the admissions policy in such a way that families feel loved, cared for, treated as individuals and where relationship is foundational to the process.
  • To ensure good communication.
  • To enable families to understand the criteria on which admissions are based.
  • To give families the opportunity to express their own particular situation/needs/concerns.
  • To make the admissions process clear.
  • To help us to admit students who are likely to be comfortable in the KISC environment and culture and able to respond positively to the educational opportunities that we offer.

Admission Criteria

KISC mission statement is: 'To provide an international, quality education ... primarily for students of the mission community.' Therefore, KISC aims to have at least 70% of the student body from the mission community. However, other expatriate parents may seek admission for their children.

At present, under our agreement with the Ministry of Education, Nepalis may also be admitted to KISC. The following additional criteria need to be met:

  • The students have been educated in the English medium and pass the KISC tests in English, Mathematics and any other subject that may be required.
  • We currently do not have the facilities to admit children with special educational needs.
Admission is conditional upon
The availability of a place in the class and staffing for that class. The school report from the previous school suggests that the child is suitable in terms of their academics and behaviour. The results of the child being assessed at KISC for sufficient proficiency in English and Mathematics for their age. The parents being willing for their child to fully participate in all of KISC's educational programmes, parents to attend relevant meetings and parents and children being comfortable in the general KISC environment and culture. Parents whose mother tongue is not English are required to participate in the academic language learning of their child in their mother tongue.
Further criteria
Students who have not been educated in an education system similar to KISC may not apply for Year 10 onwards, due to the difference in curriculum and style of learning. We try to maintain the international nature of KISC and the balance of nationalities in the school, therefore numbers of nationalities will be monitored. KISC has appropriate age restrictions for each class. The KISC academic year runs from August to June each year. KISC admits students at the beginning of Term 1 (August) or Term 3 (January). Secondary students (Years 7-13) may be considered for admission at the beginning of Term 4 (April).



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